Lobbyist Wars and BIM Development. All Parts


Part 1: Format STEP-IFC and how Revit conquered the CAD world

⚈ Creation of IFC and buildingSMART

⚈ Creation of Revit Software

⚈ REVIT is the world leader in planning

⚈ Conclusion

Part 2: open BIM VS closed BIM. Revit vs ArchiCAD and Europe VS the Rest of the World

⚈ Which BIM software to use?

⚈ Overview of tools for BIM planning

⚈ Open BIM vs. Closed BIM

⚈ In conclusion

Part 3: Fathers of BIM Technologies. Who is behind the success of Autodesk and openBIM

⚈ How the University of Munich created the IFC format

⚈ BIM’s father — creator of SONATA or RADAR CH?

⚈ The Creation of PTC and the Emergence of Solidworks and Revit

⚈ How BIM startups evolved. Mergers, acquisitions, and attitude to their history

⚈ In conclusion

Part 4: The fight between CAD and BIM. Monopolies and lobbyists in the construction industry

⚈ How Autodesk discovered BIM

⚈ Struggle between CAD and BIM

⚈ Expansion of BIM ideology and Revit software

⚈ At what point did BIM beat CAD

⚈ Revit is a dead-end road for Autodesk

⚈ Is openBIM a worthy Revit alternative?

⚈ Why did German speaking countries choose openBIM

⚈ How lobbyists work in construction

Part 5: BlackRock — the Master of All Technologies. How Corporations Control Open Source

⚈ BlackRock — the master of all technologies

⚈ Oligopoly in the CAD market

⚈ Autodesk is following in Oracle’s footsteps

⚈ Why programs don’t develop

⚈ The corporation’s fight against open source

⚈ Autodesk and IFC data format

⚈ Autodesk Challenge — Open Standards Organization — ODA

⚈ In conclusion

Part 6: Reasons for speculation in the construction industry. Corporate monopolies over data

⚈ Reasons for the low productivity of the construction industry

⚈ Consequences of the lack of transparent interoperable data in construction

⚈ Where did BIM come from and why?

⚈ Formation of a monopoly in the data market

⚈ Storing information in CAD software

⚈ Postgres — pioneers of data storage from CAD to SQL

⚈ Revit — database in graphical representation

⚈ Creation of ArchiCAD and Tekla tools API

⚈ The problem of data interoperability in the construction industry

⚈ Data connections via plug-ins and APIs that do not work

Part 7. Open Source in Construction. Opacity of the IFC Format and buildingSMART

⚈ Asian and European beneficiaries of the openBIM movement

⚈ Hidden IFC format features

⚈ The complexity of working with the IFC format

⚈ The construction industry needs interoperability

⚈ Open Source — a ray of light in the darkness of monopolies

⚈ Applied Open Source in the sectors of the economy

⚈ Open source in construction

⚈ Conclusion

⚈ Completion of the series “Lobbyist Wars and the Development of BIM”



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artem boiko

artem boiko

For the last ten years I have been working in construction industry and implementing Python scripts and processes automation in construction industry.