Lobbyist Wars and the Development of BIM. Part 3: Fathers of BIM Technologies. Who is behind the success of Autodesk and openBIM

How the University of Munich created the IFC format.

To the first part of this topic — I was often asked the question why the software produced in Europe is more open and compatible than software from other countries of the world. Why is Europe a good example of the diversified use of BIM software (openBIM)? This “openness” is associated with the active use of the IFC format and openBIM programs. To understand where this diversification or, more precisely, fragmentation in approaches to BIM design came from, let’s look at the history of the openBIM movement.

BIM’s father — creator of SONATA or RADAR CH?

If the format for (open) BIM modeling was one — STEP / IFC, then with regard to the first real program for BIM (3D) modeling, everything is much more complicated. These are RUCAPS, Sonata, Reflex and RADAR CH. But which program was the first to truly be used for BIM modeling?

The Creation of PTC and the Emergence of Solidworks and Revit

In 1974, the Russian mathematician Samuel Petrovich Geisberg, professor of mathematics at Leningrad University (now St Petersburg), emigrated first to Israel and then to the USA (Geisberg’s wife, who worked on military projects in Leningrad, emigrated to the USA a few years later).

If you take 60 Revit employees who earned an average of $ 100,000 per year, and if Revit 
received $ 100 a month per subscription, then the company needed 5,000 subscriptions
to pay back the investor's investment each month. How long will it take for Revit to grow
to 5,000 subscriptions and just recoup recurring costs?

How BIM startups evolved. Mergers, acquisitions, and attitude to their history.

In 2002 Leonid Raiz sells its startup Revit to Autodesk. Sales of Revit licenses provide explosive growth of Autodesk corporation, and already 3 years after the purchase, in 2005, Autodesk sells 60,000 Revit licenses per year, and since 2019, Autodesk makes a billion in revenue from Revit product every year. Thus, the small corporation Autodesk, which grew up on cheap money in Silicon Valley, with its only successful 2D AutoCAD product, the developers of OXSYS/RUCAPS/GDS/BDS/SONATA/Pro-ENGINEER/SOLIDWORKS presented the opportunity to become the world leader in 3D design.

In conclusion

The question of who can really be considered the father of BIM will probably forever remain open.

Price and Time Prediction. Machine Learning.


Project Management in Revit with 4D Time and 5D Cost.




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artem boiko

For the last ten years I have been working in construction industry and implementing Python scripts and processes automation in construction industry.